Banora International Groups (BIG) offers an extensive range of products for clients to choose from. All products can be integrated into tailor-made programs to create the perfect customised itinerary. Programs can start from half a day up to several weeks depending on the requirements and budget of each client.

Our team of skilled and experienced staff are available to assist you with providing costings, product recommendations and any other services to assist you in planning your program or tour.  Please visit our contact page for our details.

Academic Study Programs including SDG and Bespoke Focused Programs

Banora International Group custom designs Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and bespoke focused programs to meet our client’s academic goals. Each program is ambitious, innovative and result focused combining unique quintessential Australian experiences incorporating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal’s into each program. We aim to continue to be leaders in the study tourism market, and to have a positive impact on our future leaders. Banora International Group provides a large variety of academic topics that can be included into each program. These include but are not limited to:

  • Agriculture
  • Biology & Ecology
  • Business
  • Endangered Wildlife
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Health & Welfare
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Marine Biology
  • Sports Science
  • And more…

Australian Culture Tourism Programs

Education by Recreation are renowned for their extensive knowledge and connections within the tourism industry. The Education by Recreation team will work with you to design a custom itinerary based on your needs and budget.

Our experience staff will provide you with further insight into areas of interest and adventures that are ‘off the beaten track’ to ensure you are provided with an authentic Australia Experience.

Behind the Scene and Unique Half Day Products

Behind the scenes and unique half day products provide participants with specialised information in their area of interest.  Products can include seminars, site visits and training providing participants with the opportunity to expand their knowledge, develop a network of contacts within Australia, observe and experience a specific industry, and gain first-hand information within a wide range of topics.  Banora International Group are international recognised and well-known for their extensive knowledge and connections nationwide in a broad range of topics.  Programs are customised to meet individuals academic and professional needs.

Custom Designed Educational Study Tours

Banora International Group expert staff work closely with each client to create custom designed programs to match the academic focus for each group delivering lectures within structured classes or a combination of unique HANDS ON interactive activities OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM. Banora International Group is able to link into inbound products and pricing, Australia-wide, adapting everyday tourist activities into educational activities that can be incorporated into almost any program at various levels.  Our programs combine culture, nature, wildlife, volunteering, history, language and learning creating life changing experiences, building life-long friendship and achieving life-time memories.

English Language and Other Courses

BIG provides a unique opportunity for our program participants to improve their English Language Skills in addition to any other academic skills during their study program or tour in Australia.

ESL lessons are a great way for students to learn new vocabulary and grammar, develop confidence in speaking and listening skills in real life situations.  Programs can be customised to match the academic focus of the group.

Example topics include but are not limited to:

  • Aged Care
  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Leadership
  • STEM
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • And more…

Farmstay and Agritourism Products

BIG are the number one Agritourism company in Australian and are renowned for their extensive knowledge and connections nationwide.  Customised programs and tours provide participants with authentic Australian experiences through Farmstay experiences, technical visits, agricultural tours and experiences and seminars and workshops.

The BIG team will work with you to design a custom itinerary based on your needs and budget.

Farmstay accommodation is a comfortable room in a farm family’s house. A farmstay involves homemade meals, friendly hosts and the opportunity to participate in a range of farm activities.  Spend the day feeding the farm animals, spotting wildlife, fruit picking, cooking scones, hand-held horse-riding, swimming in waterholes, gardening or weeding, enjoying Devonshire tea on the porch or bushwalking.

Homestay and Guardianship Services

Apart from being convenient and safe, a homestay offers complete immersion into the Australian way of life and is extremely rewarding. Guests have the opportunity to experience the Australian lifestyle firsthand, practice English, try Australian food and make lifelong friends.  We have host families close to schools and universities throughout several regions in Australia. Host families look after students during the homestay and treat them like a member of their family. Meals and daily transport can be included in the homestay.

BIG provides support and full guardianship and welfare services to international student visa holders under the age of 18.

Personality Development & Self Awareness

Banora International Group provides a uniquely Australian approach to personality profiling that is fun, effective, and easy to apply. Participants complete an online app, consisting of a series of questions which have no right or wrong answers. Once completed, the participant will be matched with one of four Australian animals which becomes their totem.

Learning about the characteristics of their totem assists individuals to have a greater awareness and understanding of themselves in relation to work, life and learning. It assists students and their teachers to understand the individual’s values and deeper needs when considering future study options or choice of career.  Seminars and workshops can be delivered focusing on a diverse range of topics.

Seminars and Workshops

Education by Recreation develops customised Corporate Seminars and Workshops for School Groups, Education Professionals, Businesses, Business Leaders and Teams that are designed to enhance performance, build a positive work or classroom culture, foster innovation and creativity and improve communication skills.

Focus area include but are not limited to:

  • Career & Life Coaching
  • Communication & Relationships
  • Dealing with Unwanted Behaviour in the Workplace or Classroom
  • Leadership Skills
  • Personalities in the Workplace or Classroom
  • Personality Profiling & Developments
  • Self-Awareness & Communication Skills
  • Team Building

Study Abroad and School Placement

Banora International Group provides assistance in enrolling in a large range of quality education facilities providing study opportunities for international students in all four education sectors including:

Education and training providers are closely regulated to ensure high standards of quality and training experiences are delivered and maintained for international students.

Virtual Study Tour Programs

Banora International Group is extremely excited to provide Virtual Study Tour Programs through using robotics innovation, direct to your classroom.
Our Virtual Study Tour Programs is not expected to replace a visit to Australia, but to provide participants with an opportunity to experience education in Australia combined with our exceptional edu-tourism product. Virtual classroom opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Cookery
  • English
  • Indigenous Arts
  • Personality Profiling
  • Post-departure tutorial with Australian school
  • Pre-arrival introduction to Australian school and host families
  • Science
  • And More

Volunteer & Internship Programs

Hands on volunteering projects can be incorporated into any of our programs. Projects might include but are not limited to Aged Care, feeding the homeless, working with at risk youth, delivering food to the elderly, assisting at a local charity, working with our Island Ecology & Sea Turtle Program, or planting trees.
Banora International Group can assist in placing individuals into a range of relevant industry experience positions in different locations throughout Australia. Imagine learning a variety of skills on a boat on the Great Barrier Reef, learning stock breeding directly from the farmer in outback Australia or gaining professional hospitality skills in a 5-star international hotel such as the Hilton. The opportunities for placements are endless, and the skills learnt during an internship will last a lifetime.
All internship programs are customised to meet individuals academic and professional needs.

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Other Products

Banora International Group provides customised programs and services to our clientele.
Our expert team will work with you to design a program to suit the needs of any client. We are able to offer a wide range of ‘other’ product options including but not limited to Corporate Seminars and Workshops for School Groups, Education Professionals, Businesses, Business Leaders and Teams that are designed to enhance performance, build a positive work or classroom culture, foster innovation and creativity and improve communication skills.
Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team to discuss your program requirements and to request a quote.